Distrifarma has been practicing direct distribution to pharmacies since its foundation.


Distrifarma is specialized in Logistics Distribution in the Health market. Our responsiveness is equivalent to our geographic reach: we cover more than 6,000 destinations in Mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira.



Our facilities have considerable storage and handling capacity, enabling our customers to manage their stocks online. The storage of products from various therapeutic areas is done under conditions of temperature and humidity optimized according to the characteristics and typology of the products, including cold systems.



A Distrifarma tem uma área especialmente vocacionada para a prestação de serviços administrativos, tais como cash collection, cobranças, devoluções, recall, apoio a ações de marketing e merchandising com equipas próprias.

Operational Areas

Our national and international customers represent a varied range of products, so we have our distribution circuit prepared to your needs and levels of demand of your business. Our national and international customers represent a wide range of products, so we have our distribution circuit prepared to your needs and levels of demand of your business.

About Us

Distrifarma is the pioneer company in the fields of Logistics, Handling and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1993, our extensive experience in this industry and our proven track record are the main guarantee for the various players in the market.


    • Provide services with the highest reliability and quality.
    • Align Quality with Efficiency and Efficiency.
    • Meet the needs of the market, using technological innovation.

    • All Distrifarma employees comply with the principles defined in this Code, without prejudice to the application of the other general rules and laws that govern the entire sector.
    • We will hire the most qualified people for each position, regardless of race, sex, religion or any other difference unrelated to the performance of their duties;
    • We will recognize the individual initiative, commitment and work capacity of all our employees;
    • We will apply commercial practices that respect the customer's freedom of choice and provide correct and transparent information about the services we provide, their technical characteristics, prices and payment terms;
    • We will preserve the environment in all our operational activities, assuming that it is the responsibility of all, and, likewise, we will contribute to the defense of the heritage of the community;
    • We will develop close and productive relationships with our customers and suppliers. We will work with them in the most convenient way for the business of both;
    • We will put into practice the principles of Total Quality to achieve continuous improvement in everything we do. Whatever level of income we have achieved today, we know we can and should improve it in the future.
    • In our relations with employees, clients, official entities, partners and the general public, our conduct will always be guided by the integrity and high ethical standards for which we are governed.

    This policy reflects our commitment and position in the market since 1993, based on the following guiding principles:

    • Satisfy the needs and expectations of Clients and other Interested Parties, in particular:
      • Ensure the right product, right batch, right quantity at the right location
      • Maintain customer confidence in the safeguarding and preservation of their products
      • Be aware of the role and permanently perform well in the value chain
      • Manage risks and opportunities
      • Meet deadlines
    • Optimize costs, providing the best service at the lowest possible cost
    • Ensure service quality
      • Ensure adequate conditions for the packaging and conservation of products from entry to delivery to the Recipient Customer
      • Ensure the enhancement and development of employees' skills
      • Ensure the maintenance of infrastructure and equipment
      • Ensure proximity and partnership with all suppliers
    • Comply with legal requirements
      • Applicable to good distribution practices (BPD)
      • Related to the wholesale distribution of medicines, medical and veterinary devices
      • Promote continuous improvement
      • Identifying the risks and opportunities of the activity
      • Reducing non-compliances and complaints
      • Meet deadlines
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